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Zhongshan Qianrun Precision Steel Ball Co., Ltd was established in September 2009. With the total area of 1000 square meters, our factory possesses 58 sets of steel ball producing equipment, and our monthly output ability can reach 60 million pieces.We use domestic advanced producing and inspecting equipment all through the process of steel ball producing, from the cold-heading to the fine-grinding. Both hardware or sofrware has laid an excellent foundation, also in the process that make a big improvement from the original process on the 8 procedures to 17procedures. Changing of the tradtional ceramic grinding wheel to the advanced hard grinding wheel plate. The ball refine processing can greatly to prevent the defected ball in the processing of the production process. In the management of the company, we import the international quality management system ISO, the company operators, quality control personnel, marketing personnel, managers are familiar with and strictly implement the system production, testing, management system and program files are all around the provisions of its rule, and all staff have carried out regular trainning of making products closer to international advanced level.
Company to " full participation, prevention-oriented, quality first, excellence works" for the development of policy, in order to finished product inspection pass rate more than 98%, product standards for the delivery more than 98%, error rate is less than 0.1% of finished product testing, staff training qualified rate is 100%, customer timely response rate of more than 99% as the company's goals. Quality of the product full involvement of each process have been done focus on prevention, carefully executed, the company will offer the best products to customers, and provide customers the highest quality service.
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